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Graphic Specification

Speed Etransfers Gang Sheet

Your checklist when building artwork

  • CMYK Mode or RGB? Your graphic must be in RGB or your files can not be saved as PNG and will not print as seen on your screen.
  • True Black CMYK Values (see below for more details)
  • Good Resolution? Please use 300dpi images and a document set up as a Vector (preferred).
  • Right Dimensions? Your file needs to be saved at the correct document size (300DPI and true to size)  Example: If you want it to print a gang sheet at 22” wide by 60” Tall, please make the document exactly 22” x 60” as to make sure graphics print to desired size.
  • Preferred File Type – PDF | Acceptable Files – PNG, AI, EPS, SVG, PSD (flattened PSD) – JPEG/TIFF can be used if NOT using transparent backgrounds.
  • Fonts – Outlined, Images – Embedded
  • Art files need to be print ready with no template lines
  • Still more questions?  Shoot us an email at
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