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DTF Pressing Instructions


  1. **Prepare the Garment**

   – Use a lint roller to remove any lint from the pressing area of the T-shirt.


  1. **Pre-Press the Garment**

   – Pre-press the garment for 5-7 seconds to eliminate any moisture.


  1. **Position the Design**

   – Place the design on the garment and press according to the “Press Settings” below. Conduct a few test prints to find the optimal press settings for your specific equipment and environment.


  1. **Peeling Method**

   – **Cold Peel Film:** Wait until the transfer is cool to the touch before peeling.


  1. **Post-Press the Garment**

   – Post-press the garment for 5 seconds.


**Note:** For best results, use a Teflon sheet between the press and the design.


DTF Press Settings


  1. **General Guidelines**

   – Actual press settings may vary based on the equipment and environmental conditions such as room temperature and humidity.

   – Press at high pressure.


  1. **Cold Peel**

   – **100% Cotton:** Start at 325°F for 15 seconds and adjust as needed.

   – **Polyester Blend:** 270-290°F for 15 seconds and adjust as needed.

   – Peel when the transfer is cool to the touch.


**Note:** Press settings may need to be adjusted based on equipment and environmental conditions.


DTF Care Instructions



– Store transfers in a dry place, ideally in a Ziploc bag.


**Garment Care:**

– Wash garments with warm water.

– Tumble dry on the delicate setting.

– Do not iron the design directly. If ironing is necessary, use a low setting on the inner side of the garment.


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